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Featured Teeth Whitening Products:

Titanium teeth whitening system
22% Teeth Bleaching Gel
44% Teeth Bleaching Gel
Titanium teeth whitening system
22% Teeth Bleaching Gel
44% Teeth Bleaching Gel
 Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth WhiteningLaser Teeth Whitening System

The most popular in-office whitening system is now made available to you at much lower than normal price. A visit at the dentist for one laser whitening process may reach $1000. In our system, we provide you with a plasma bulb, used in the professional plasma arc light system at much less price. These bulbs normal cost $200, a unit but are yours for as many uses you choose. Our portable models also incorporate this technology, giving you hands-on access to professional result within 7 days. This system penetrates between your teeth and deep inside the enamel without damaging the structure.

How does it work?

The Plasma light accelerates the effect of Carbamide Peroxide by releasing more oxygen in the system. In fact the oxygen is a natural bleaching agent and is very important for the whole process to work. Besides, the process is very safe justifying the price of $1000 for such an exercise carried out in a professional dentist’s office.

Our plasma arc at work.Our plasma arc at work.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Plasma Arc Light Technology.

We use the same bulbs, as you would find in those expensive professional machines used by dentists. You won’t find any whitening equipment with such sophisticated elements elsewhere. You can feel the comfort and effectiveness of a professional equipment at your place getting access to the plasma arc light as you would do in a professional office. This method can accelerate the whole whitening process for over 300% of the normal speed.

You are now dispensed with the need to visit your dentist for whitening sessions. You can do it on your own.

What we are offering you are the same products used by the top cosmetics dentists. So do you still consider paying around $1000 for some short sessions when the similar systems are available to you at cheaper price?

Above all, its 40% more effective than a professional visit…

Our formula used fully-licensed products and is considered as the most effective and safe systems available on the market. We use a 35% carbamide peroxide content which is 40% stronger than what most dentists use.

Let’s have a deeper look at the 7 day plasma system:

Be sure that this method is not going to damage of affect the teeth enamel.

The bulbs in our system are the same you will find in highly sophisticated professional machines used by the dentists.

You will not find this system anywhere else!

Plasma arc lights are only available online exclusively on our site. Nowhere else!

We are the only one authorized seller of this NEW system!

One plasma light can be used by many persons.

It is only a seven day treatment

Each session last for 30 minutes only

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