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Teeth Whitening Reviews
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Featured Teeth Whitening Products:

Titanium teeth whitening system
22% Teeth Bleaching Gel
44% Teeth Bleaching Gel
Titanium teeth whitening system
22% Teeth Bleaching Gel
44% Teeth Bleaching Gel

  Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Opalescence is the world leader in tray based tooth whitening systems. We offer a 20% water gel that prevents dehydration along with a fluoride and potassium nitrate formula to cater for sensitivity issues. All backed up with a three flavour choice.

How it works?

Dr Weygandt is our professional hygienist. He will make out an impression of your teeth and then manufacture a customised, light and practical tray. You can wear these trays anytime, or even keep them while speaking, or sleeping. You will receive our tray will adequate whitening products and a detailed user guide, complimented with recommendations as regards session lengths. Treatment may vary between 2-4 hours per day with a time span of six weeks to complete, if you do wear the tray night and day you can complete the treatment within 14 days.

Personal Whitening Tray

We cannot tell how white your teeth will become, but you can notice a two-level whiter shade as advised by Dr Weygandt’s guide. As said earlier, you will be responsible to preserve the new white by keeping away from bad habits and harmful products. You may consider touching-up after around 5 years depending on how well you kept your brightness, you may still use the trays provided to you.

Teeth Whitening

You now have many options to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. Technology and science put new and exciting systems in our hands.

Bleaching will return the white to your teeth, whether it disappeared with age, harmful elements or foods. Your new white will stay for up to five years depending on how well you can preserve your teeth by keeping aside of bad habits and harmful elements.

Is Tooth Whitening Right for You?

Bleaching has a reported success of more than 90%. It acts directly on stains but still keep a gentle action on your teeth. The results may vary depending on the level of stains and their cause which may be age, food, tobacco, or medication like tetracycline during tooth formation phase, use of fluorosis when there is excess fluorides.

Fillings will not become whiter nor any dental device such as crowns, veneers, etc. Dentists may discourage such treatment in view of sensitive teeth issues or worn enamel teeth or in pregnancy or lactating phases for women.

Several options of tooth bleaching

There are several options available for teeth bleaching, like laser aided systems, or other professional methods. With laser the teeth gains white shades on the spot. You can opt for a less costly system by choosing for a dentist-supported home based bleaching package. Results will be visible after longer treatment sessions. Others will provide active bleaching while you are busy with other occupations, like office work, sleep and will take around 10 to 14 days or nights to end. There are systems which will require your attention for two to four hours daily taking three to six weeks to finish.

Stains are different in nature and form and they act differently to bleaching products. Your dentist in the most competent person to advise on the method appropriate for you.
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