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Featured Teeth Whitening Products:

Titanium teeth whitening system
22% Teeth Bleaching Gel
44% Teeth Bleaching Gel
Titanium teeth whitening system
22% Teeth Bleaching Gel
44% Teeth Bleaching Gel

 Teeth Whitening Gel

16% Bleaching Gel 22% Bleaching Gel 44% Bleaching Gel
3ml 16% Bleaching Gel

3ml 22% Bleaching Gel

3ml 44% Bleaching Gel

1 syringe = 6 treatments Fastest & Most Effective (Mint Flavored) For Optimum Whitening Results, Try Pro White Teeth's Prescription Strength Bleaching Formula of 44%... 1 syringe = 6 treatments
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For some people, smiling can be a horrible experience. It may be a source of strength whilst the paradox is that it is normally meant to relax people. Many people do attach a great importance to their smile as it is synonymous of health and happiness. Those who feared the smile exercise because of bad teeth can find relief through the whitening process and give a smile as beautiful as those bright and white they always envied.

At a time when cosmetics are in force in the beauty market, dental whitening is classified as one of the most popular esthetic treatments. Home-use products are designed to allow a larger population base access to this process. The whitening gel remains the most important factor of the whole process. The whitening agent is in the form of hydrogen peroxide and is applied directly to the teeth. With a light or laser application an oxidization process takes place breaking down the hydrogen peroxide. The latter clings to the stains on the teeth and while collapsing, it brings down with it the stain molecules whilst the gel penetrates the tooth enamel thus exposed. With the stain fading, oxygen gradually repairs the wrong coloration by whitening the teeth.

The whitening gel can be found in any whitening processes done under the hand of a cosmetic dentist but can also be found in home-use packages. In the latter cases, the whitening gel is available with the tray designed to be applied to the teeth. The whitening gel is injected in the tray through a syringe and may last for five to six session in this system.

When using a home system, you should apply some whitening gel mid way in the front of each tooth in the tray. When applying the tray, some of the gels will slip out to reach your gum and you simply have to wipe it away with a clean cloth or your finger to avoid irritation due to sustained exposure with your gums. Simply brush your teeth after removing the tray to removing any gel remaining in your mouth, on your teeth.

One of the safest products available in modern dentistry remains the Whitening gels. They serve their purpose and name well, giving you visible results in the form of whiter teeth. Certain manufacturers make high claims on the merit of their whitening products, but results are only determined on a case to case basis depending on the user’s situation, way he used the product and his expectations. This should not, however, snatch all the genuine qualities of the gel. If used under professional supervision, effects may appear within hours or minutes but it might take longer if used by inexperienced person without relevant and adequate coaching, for example, in a home-use package.

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