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Products For Whitening Teeth At Home

How to give your teeth a good white At home?

A good smile is synonymous of good health, hygiene and sometimes also it is matched with good sexual attributes. However, nature does not offer this gift to everyone. No hope is lost, fortunately, with the modern and ever-developing scientific discoveries.

Plaque is a nasty coating that sits on your teeth hosting in its sticking structure a good load of bacteria and harmful microbes. Brushing helps in removing this plaque, which, if left unattended, can cause many destructions. You can feel plaque with your tongue.

Food particles, alcohol and tobacco are factors that invite this unwanted guest, and they even give it a darker dress. A visit at the dentist then becomes a must. Treatment usually comes in the form of a polishing exercise. To prevent this ‘not so pleasant meeting’, a proper oral hygiene plays an essential role.

Even better now! How about getting at hand the best teeth-whitening recipe?

At Home Whitening has turned many smiles brighter using the best

formula available, and the FASTEST by the way. What we offer is a set of teeth whitening solutions for personal or professional use. We are able to confidently state that our products are the most effective and safe you will find as they are result of extensive research and years of experience.

Professional dental care is now being adapted to enable you whiten your teeth in the safest and fastest ways. It’s possible to be your own dentist, using our system. Our highly acclaimed products, once only available to professional dentists, are now being offered to the common public market …and at a cheaper rate! You can access this facility without prescriptions and you don’t even need to visit your dentist.

The At Home Teeth Whitening formula is a proven successful one. We even add up a money-back TEETH WHITENING SATISFACTION GUARANTEE if we do not match our commitment to give you a brighter smile. You can now change your teeth into a bright and beautiful white, whilst ensuring you get value for money. You may have seen many products with all sorts of statements on the market, from simple strips to professional products, each claiming its ability to provide the best whitening solution. However, not everyone knows what is the most suitable formula to use and here what is needed is education. We bet on customers who have this knowledge as for us those who know what they want are the best customers.

On this website we will assist you in knowing the various whitening systems available to enable you grasp the basic factors that will help in your choice of the most appropriate one. Order our products online, only when you feel comfortable with what you learn here.

How to proceed:
Plunge the mouthpiece in the water
1. Brush your teeth and floss if you are used to it. Boil some water and leave it for a few seconds. Plunge the mouthpiece in the water holding it there for not more than 5 seconds.

Put the tray around the teeth2. Put the tray around the teeth and bite it gently to stamp the forms of your teeth. Now you have a proper fit to add the gel.

Now put some gel on each contour3. Now put some gel on each contour so formed on the tray and apply the trays on your teeth. You must keep the tray there for about 30 minutes along with the bleaching gel. In the meantime, you can do some light activities, like watching TV, reading, or even sleep.

How quick are the results?
There will be visible effects as from the very first time you wear the trays since it contains the highly effective Free Teeth Gel’s 22% carbamide peroxide. There will be more pronounced effect after 4-5 uses.

Your stains can fade away for ever or at least for some month, or years. But if you continue the practice that first stained your teeth, then obviously it will reappear rather fast. You can still use The Smile Salon’s bleaching gel to regain the whiteness in your smile. But it is advisable that harmful elements like tobacco, red wine and coffee be avoided as far as possible.

Is this product suitable for nursing or pregnant women?
It is better to consult your doctor for professional advice in such cases but no side-effects have been reported to date.

Is this a safe process?
Without doubt the formula is a safe one. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD Impact, April 1988, p.23), states that:
“Several studies, during the past years, have proven bleaching to be safe and effective”. Tooth sensitivity could appear in some cases but are limited to a negligible percentage. In any case, you can reduce the sensitive effect by reducing the amount of bleaching time or teeth exposure to bleaching substance. Or you can even washout the bleaching substance by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

Is this process harmful to my gums?
You may experience irritation if you fill your trays more gel than required. Still this is a temporary side-effect which should not occur if you apply proper dose. On the opposite, it will positively improve your gum health.

How about my crowns or fillings?
Fillings, crowns or other elements will not be affected by the gel. Sometimes you may notice a grey mark on the trays which is usually the surface mark of the colored filling.

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