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Teeth Whitening Reviews

You can find the most effective and safe dental bleaching system available for home use in Professional Dental Bleaching Systems. Dental lab can produce precision mouthpieces using as base the teeth impression you made at home. They are more comfortable to apply and avoid disturbing the gum for even the lightest sensitiveness. In this system, whitening gel are used at their very minimal level whereas active substances like the Carbamide Peroxide are used at a 10-22% composition level.

If you use the Boil & Bite Bleaching Systems will offer you the same efficiency in results but being something you do on your own, you will not get benefit from professionally designed equipment, in this sense trays, that are made in laboratories. A uniform whitening system is thus available with the Boil & Bite system which also contains the active Carbamide Peroxide at 10-22% level.

Weaker percentages of active substances are available in the Non-Moldable Tray Bleaching but this method is rendered less effective. It may cause unequal whitening of the teeth leaving distinct noticeable patterns.

Whitening (Bleaching) Strips are comparatively more effective than the Non-Moldable Tray Bleaching but still stand a way below the tray methods. Here again you might experience unequal whitening patterns on the teeth and a less long-lasting effect. The effect is much lesser as this method uses Hydrogen Peroxide as the active element whilst tray methods make use of Carbamide Peroxide.

Less effective are Whitening Toothpastes and Sprays. There results are barely noticeable and can leave your expectations unattended. The reason can be resumed by the absence of active elements which would normally provide a sustained action on your teeth to provide the results.

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